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PIPER ANIMALS is a complete pet food that covers 100% of daily demand for all nutrients, minerals and vitamins of adult cats with moderate physical activity, living in a comfortable habitat, which are not pregnant or lactating. These foods have been balanced in terms of nutrient content according to the latest nutritional recommendations and norms. Piper Animals foods ensure both the maintenance of bones and tooth mineralisation and the proper course of all metabolic processes. The presence of high levels of EPA and DHA is especially valuable since these are involved in reproductive processes. The content of n-6 fatty acids in the products significantly influences regulation of metabolic processes and, together with n-3 fatty acids, plays an important role in inhibiting inflammatory processes.

The food contains adequate amounts of protein and fat from meat and animal derivatives, including fresh beef, for an adult cat. Taurine is essential for cats, as it regulates numerous processes in the body. Taurine deficiency can cause eye problems. Addition of Mojave Yucca extract as a source of dietary fibre, thanks to its ability to regulate a number of putrefactive bacteria, improves digestive functions. Nutritional value and energy density of beef, as well as addition of peas and yeast, guarantee a high digestibility for adult cats of all breeds.